Bonus Footage

What can make our October phobia fun even better? An extra week of terror. Yes, your favorite Book Girls are doing 5 weeks of nightmare inducing episodes this year. We will be recording a special Halloween night episode. Will there be drinking and dancing under the full moon? You will have to tune in and find out.

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

We aren’t talking reindeer’s with red noses or men with long white beards. It’s time to dive into the depth of 3bookgirl phobias!!! Each week in October we will discuss one bookgirl’s deepest fear. Its going to be a fantastically terrifying good time!!

For even more twisted fun check out our social media pages for our buddy reads and our Friday night zoom call. Whatever your book preference we have a buddy read that will match up. And our Friday night calls are always fun and unpredictable.

Lastly, our new 3BookGirl designs are up and running on redbubble. A special thank you to Donna from the Book Tribe for helping us. Go check it out and get yourself something special for the holidays.

Hello Cats and Kittens

This reality show world we live in keeps trudging along.  Thank the sweet noodle gods we have books to keep us sane!!  Our Friday night zoom call is still going strong, we even have a few new members. We love being able to chat will all of you about the fictional and nonfictional aspects of whats happening.  For anyone who isn’t a part of the madness yet and wants to be simply pour you a drink (optional), sign into 3bookgirl book tribe on face book, and join the fun.

What’s coming up in our crazy little podcast you ask?  Well let me tell you!!  In the next few weeks we will be setting a time to discuss Shadow And Bones by Leigh Bardugo.  And we may be posting more author interviews soon. Stay tuned for dates and times.

Stay safe and mask up!!  Bye

Another one bites the dust

Another live event cancelled because of covid. Stay tune for the next book club zoom meeting for everyone who read Shadow and Bones by Leigh Bardugo. Our Friday night zoom calls are stronger than ever. Join us for interesting book discussions…and non book related topics. You can join by going to our Facebook page and joining 3bookgirls book tribe.  The zoom call will be posted every week.

shadow and bones


We Have The Power!!

No, we aren’t talking about an overly muscled cartoon character in a furry speedo sporting a blonde pageboy hairdo, that looks surprisingly like a quarantine haircut. (Heman for our non 80’s babies) We finally were able to have our Book Club zoom discussion on The Power by Naomi Alderman. Thank you to everyone who participated. Don’t forget to join our Friday night Zoom chats.  We love hearing about what you are reading. Just go to our Facebook page and join 3bookgirls book tribe group. We will post the link to our zoom chat every Friday at 7pm central standard time.