Podcast Notes – Episode 262

Hello there bookish friends! This podcast we were missing someone, and it was strange to talk without her, especially since there was nobody around to roll their eyes when Vonnie and Magen started talking about Twilight! Our leader, Martha, was away this week, but don’t fret because she will be back next week. Magen finally decided to show up, after many, many weeks of flitting off to concerts and other fun stuff. We missed her, and are glad that her life is going to get boring again, so we can be in it more 😉

So what books did we talk about?

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book

Rachael’s book

Magen’s book

Do you guys have your horror novels picked out yet? Horror month is coming soon! Get ready for all the spooky books coming to our podcast in October! Have a great reading week, bookish friends!

Episode 261 – Podcast Notes

Hello there bookish friends! Welcome to another podcast filled with inappropriate conversations, shenanigans, and book talk.

For our jewelry enthusiasts, here are a pair of super adorable earrings that Martha recently bought from her new discovery, the Fire and Forge shop!

So pretty!

Here is a link to their website where you can see all the other amazing things there are for sale:

Forge and Fire

Amy over at Forge and Fire, very graciously has given us a discount code to give to all our amazing listeners too! So for 15% off your order enter in the code ‘SAVE15‘ Thanks so much, Amy!!!

Ok, are you all getting ready for our super spooky horror month coming up???? Everybody loves our October podcasts, when we focus on all the creepy, ghosty, spookiness of it all in book form! Check out our awesome new merch, and get yours on Redbubble, just in time for horror month:

We’ve got some pretty big freezers!

You can snag them here: 3 Book Girls horror merch

We also found another Redbubble account that we love and talked about on the podcast. You can check out her hysterical stuff here: Funckydesigns Redbubble

Ok, now onto some really important matters…

Do you eat the ice cream out of your Drumstick ice cream treat first and then eat the cone? Or do you eat everything at the same time (ice cream and cone together)? We are dying to know the answer, so check out our facebook tribe page and answer our poll. Please tell me you’ve joined our Tribe page! If not, please stop waiting, because we are dying to meet you! You can check it out here: 3 Book Girls Tribe

What about your chili? Beans? Or no beans? We just have got to know!

Now, I honestly still don’t understand this bizarre invention, but we talked about the darn thing at length, so it feels only fair that I show you the ‘A salt’ rifle.

I still think this thing would work better:

Somehow we managed to talk about books too:

Vonnie’s book

Rachael’s book

Keathe’s book (Available September 21st, but can be pre-ordered now)

Martha’s book

Ok, are you ready for one of the just most frightening things I’ve ever found on Amazon.com? Are you sure you’re ready? Ok, you asked for it:

That’s definitely the kind of bunny needed to scare off the predators!

Well, that does it for another crazy podcast! Have an amazing week, my bookish friends, and good reading to you all!

Podcast Notes – Episode 260

Hello bookish friends! It’s so good to be with you all because man, has it been a week!

If you want to relieve some stress with the Hulk Hands that Martha mentioned this week, you can see them here:

Or if you just need a laugh, check out one of Vonnie and Keathe’s favorite TikTok people trying to read a children’s book:

He also reads Dee’s Nuts and Put Your Nuts in My Mouth 🙂

You may think the ladies were joking around about the wine pairing guide for Girl Scout cookies, but not so! Better stock up for cookie season!

Vodka goes with everything. Just saying.

Yeah, we talked books too.

Vonnie’s book

Pat’s book

Keathe’s book

Martha’s book

As you may have guessed after listening to Martha’s review, she is a Stephen King super fan. We all know that Vonnie feels the same way about Ken Follett. So tell us, is there on author that you would do anything to meet? Who is your Stephen King or Ken Follett (be careful because if you pick either of those two, you’ll have to fight Martha or Vonnie). Let us know in the comments below, or on our Facebook page: 3 Book Girls Tribe page.

That’s all for this week, bookish friends! Hope you have a great reading week!

Podcast Notes – Episode 259

Hi there, bookish friends! We have so much awesome stuff going on this week. Firstly, we have our friend and Tribe member, Morgan, here this week while Keathe and Magen are off. She has been around since the Tribe began! Speaking of, are you a member of our Facebook Tribe page yet? You really need to join us there for all sorts of bookish conversations and general merriment! You can find us here: Facebook Tribe Page. Also, our beloved true crime goddess is back on the podcast after a brief hiatus. She wasn’t gone long, but we sure missed all her amazing and creepy books! (and I mean creepy in the best way possible).

For all of you who may not remember, a sod poodle is otherwise known as a prairie dog. Here are what Rachael’s ferocious little sod poodles look like:

Man on man, did those ladies mention a lot of fun throwback items that we love on the podcast! Where to start?! How about with the beloved oldie but goodie, the shewee:

Here is a look at the tub and shower ‘shroom that can fix all your plumbing woes:

Looking for some of that delicious barbeque run that Martha’s neighbor makes? Find it here:

And of course we want to give some more love to Plum Deluxe Tea, because they rock our world! You can find their tea shop here: Plum Deluxe Tea and you can also find a variety of their blends on Amazon. (This is Keathe’s favorite, but there are tons to choose from!)

We also managed to talk books 😉

Vonnie’s book

Rachael’s book

Morgan’s book

Martha’s book

That’s it for this week, bookish friends, but hope you guys all have an amazing reading week!

Podcast Notes – Episode 258 (The LIVE Episode!)

Hello there bookish friends! We did it, we traveled over to Boulder, CO and did our first ever traveling book tour stop! Was it amazing? Yes! Did we meet new book friends? Yes! Do we want to do it all over again? Yes!

We were so fortunate to be hosted by the ever so amazing, Trident Booksellers & Cafe! They really rolled out the red carpet for us, and we couldn’t appreciate them more for giving us a space to be totally inappropriate and well, us! If you are ever in the Boulder area, you must check them out!

Trident Booksellers & Cafe in Boulder, CO

One of the best things about doing a live show, is seeing all the bookish friends we have made in person! We were so amazed by how many people were able to come out and check out the podcast. Even if you weren’t able to jet over to Boulder, we still want to meet all of you! If you are a bookish person, then we are your tribe! Come join us over on our 3 Book Girls Tribe page on facebook!

While in Denver and Boulder, of course we had to go book shopping! We found the coolest place ever in the Flatiron Crossing shopping center. Have you locals checked out 2nd & Charles? Just look at this decorative wall made out of book spines!!!! We were in love!

a book wall made out of book spines? yes please!

Amazingly enough, we also reviewed books!

Vonnie’s book

Magen’s book

Keathe’s book

Martha’s book

if you’ve read Martha’s book, you know that there is another coming out in the series soon. Here is where you can preorder it:

We loved our ‘no effing shelf awareness tour’ t shirts so much that we needed more, so you can now find the logo on all sorts of new merch through our Red Bubble site

And just like that, we are back into the swing of things, and wondering where we will end up next! Have suggestions? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Want to see the live podcast in its entirety? You can see it on Facebook here:

Live podcast at Trident Booksellers & Cafe

We will catch you guys next time, bookish friends! Hope you have an amazing reading week!