Podcast Notes – Episode 292

Hello again bookish friends! We have a super special epsiode for you today!! Lately we have been recording our episodes almost exclusively over Zoom, but this and our next episode were all recorded with us all in person (In Martha’s recording studio). Plus, we had a guest on each episode! Today’s episode features one of our Patreon members: Phyllis!

First thing we had to talk about was the new season of Bridgerton on Netflix. Have you read the books? Have you watched the series? Magen and Phyliis have watched season two already and had some choice words about the newest male specimen for our viewing pleasure. Sadly, he plays for the other team (isn’t that always how it goes?). This TikTok sums up our views about it pretty perfectly:

We were still getting over April Fool’s Day shenanigans that scared the bejeezus out of us the day before. Especially this announcement that Tom Holland would be taking over the rold of Doctor Who (because many of us are giant nerds and care about that sort of thing).

Scary April Fool’s Day article

I like him as Spiderman, not so much as Doctor Who.

Phyllis freaked us out by telling us that brussel sprouts gelato exists, and now we are rethinking our entire existence…

brussel sprouts gelato????? Ew!

We actually read some books this week too!

Keathe’s book

Phyllis’ book

and here is a picture of the weird stork headed guy:

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

For those wondering about the Buzzfeed article we were discussing, you can read it here:

What Used to Mean you were Rich but Now Means you are Poor

And that’s it for us this week. Hope that we will see you guys next week, and that you have an amazing book reading week, bookish friends!

Podcast Notes – Episode 291

Hello again, bookish friends! Were you able to watch our live show on Facebook last week? If not, then here it is again! This week we were giving our tech guy a hard time. Poor Josh, the bearded book girl (remember Josh?!? He’s back today!) Josh was giving us his amazing idea for a OnlyFans page. (Would you join in to hear Josh reading a romance novel in costume?) We talked about some of our other ideas for OnlyFans pages. Do you have any strange skills that you could apply to make a totally bizarre OnlyFans page? Let us know on our Facebook Group: 3 Book Girls Tribe Page

Here are the books we read!

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

Have you ever had a Costco hotdog before? Vonnie had her first this weekend, and is obsessed now. Are Costco hotdogs the best you’ve ever had? Let us know over in the Tribe! We’ve got a poll set up! That is it for this week, bookish friends! Hope you’ve had an amazing weekend, and have lots of good books in your future 🙂

Podcast Notes – Episode 290

Hello again, bookish friends! So glad you are able to join us this week! This week we talked a whole bunch about the people who we want to be book friends with. Who would you want to choose to be your best book friend (we are just assuming they all love books like we do)? Let us know on the 3 Book Girls Tribe page on Facebook. If you aren’t a member of the tribe, please come over and join us!

Magen was coloring in her Dangerous Minds coloring book while we were podcasting. If you’re also a big fan of the show, you can find the coloring book here:

If you’re more a fan of the coloring books the rest of the 3 Book Girls use, you can find those here:

Magen was able to finish this wonderful page by the end of the podcast:

Matthew Gray Gubler is Magen’s favorite.

For anybody who hasn’t seen the movie ‘There’s Something About Mary’, this is the zipper scene that we talked about toward the end of the podcast:

Such a terrible but funny scene.

Obviously at some point we talked about books too 😉

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book

Pat’s book

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

That’s it for this time, bookish friends! Hoping you have an amazing reading week, and that you’ll join us again next time!

Podcast Notes – Episode 289

Hello again, bookish friends! The Book Girls are getting ready for another live event coming to you on Friday (it’s April 1st, but this is no joke) at Full Circle Bookstore in Oklahoma City. We hope that if you are in the area that you can come talk books with us!

Martha found the books we’ll be talking about!

We had a special guest with us on the podcast this week! J.C. Peterson was with us to talk books, while Magen reviewed her debut novel, ‘Being Mary Bennet’. She will be signing books at Full Circle Bookstore on April 2nd at 3pm, so be sure to stop by and grab a copy!

Of course we had to talk about weird stuff though. Is Keathe the only person who hasn’t seen this crazy video?

I’d have been sick for sure.

For anyone who wants to know what Magen’s creepy CPR dummy model looked like here is the picture:

Annie, are you ok?

Anyone coming into town for our live event also gets the amazing opportunity to experience a disgusting smell from this corpse flower:

Read all about it here

Without further ado, here are the books we reviewed!

Vonnie’s book

Jenny’s book

Magen’s book

Keathe’s book

Pat’s book

Thanks for joining us again, bookish friends! We hope that if you’re able to, you can join us in Oklahoma City, or on facebook, for our live show on Friday! Have an amazing book week!

Podcast Notes – Episode 288

Hello there, bookish friends. Hoping everyone had a relaxing weekend filled with bookish endeavors! Our live show is coming up quickly, are you guys ready? We’ll be podcasting from Full Circle Books in Oklahoma City, OK on April 1 (but this is no joke!) starting at 7:00pm. After the podcast we’ll be discussing our buddy read, The Kindest Lie by Nancy Johnson.

Come join us for our book discussion!

Are you guys ready for the summer? We are getting ready by bathing suit shopping (ugh, I know – the worst kind of shopping). Suits with longer bottoms are becoming the fashion, and some of us can’t be happier about it! Look at this adorable suit that Voni found on Amazon:

They even have bathing suit bottoms that are capri length now:

I’m definitely down for the new trend. I’m willing to go back to the 20’s when bathing suits looked like this:

the more clothes, the better!

We even talked about something a little serious this time. Goodreads is great for a lot of things, but there have been issues with reviews not being exactly kosher. I’m sure you’ve seen it before. How does a book that hasn’t been written yet have so many reviews? 593 ratings?!?

There isn’t even a title for the book yet!

We also talked about some weird ad campaigns, like this one Martha found for vitamins…

Word to the wise, don’t look up what a panty hamster is. It will mess with your algorythms.

Yep. We talked about books too…

Voni’s book

Keathe’s book

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

Along with ‘Charlie’ we were trying to come up with other well known names for the male genitalia. We found quite a few that were new to us. You can find some synonyms here: What else have we called Charlie?

That’s is for another week, bookish friends! Hope that you have plenty of sunshine in your future, and lots of book related goodness!