Podcast Notes – Episode 266

Hello there, bookish friends! Hope you’re having a great spooky reading month! The Book Girls are still in the thick of horror month, and reading the creepy and strange. What have you guys been reading? Let us know over on the 3 Book Girls Tribe page on Facebook. Also, check out our candy corn Yay or Nay poll and let us know if you’re a candy corn lover or hater.

Vonnie’s book:

Keathe’s book:

Magen’s book:

Martha’s book:

Hope you are all gearing up for some spookiness in your life as Halloween fast approaches! Have a good reading week, bookish friends!

Podcast Notes – Episode 264

Hello again, bookish friends, and welcome to Horror Month on our podcast! All through October, we will be reading everything creepy and spooky.

Of course, before we talked about the stuff that scared us, we talked about the stuff that made us laugh out loud. Haley Morris’ channel on TikTok was one of those things!


Why is this such an anxiety Inducing thing for no reason?! 💩 #funny #mevsbrain #comedy #dating

♬ original sound – Hayley Morris

Keathe and Vonnie are big TikTok enthusiasts. What about you guys? Is there a channel on TikTok that you just love? Let us know on our 3 Book Girls Tribe facebook page.

Ready for the first of our October reads?

Vonnie’s book

Rachael’s book

Keathe’s book

Martha’s book

Each of the book girls have their things that they just can’t handle. Rachael’s big ‘no-no’ is spiders. So of course, Vonnie has to torture her with this picture:

Yeah, you’re welcome.

Now that we’ve creeped you out, we’ll leave you to your spooky reads! Have a great reading weeks, bookish friends!

Episode 261 – Podcast Notes

Hello there bookish friends! Welcome to another podcast filled with inappropriate conversations, shenanigans, and book talk.

For our jewelry enthusiasts, here are a pair of super adorable earrings that Martha recently bought from her new discovery, the Fire and Forge shop!

So pretty!

Here is a link to their website where you can see all the other amazing things there are for sale:

Forge and Fire

Amy over at Forge and Fire, very graciously has given us a discount code to give to all our amazing listeners too! So for 15% off your order enter in the code ‘SAVE15‘ Thanks so much, Amy!!!

Ok, are you all getting ready for our super spooky horror month coming up???? Everybody loves our October podcasts, when we focus on all the creepy, ghosty, spookiness of it all in book form! Check out our awesome new merch, and get yours on Redbubble, just in time for horror month:

We’ve got some pretty big freezers!

You can snag them here: 3 Book Girls horror merch

We also found another Redbubble account that we love and talked about on the podcast. You can check out her hysterical stuff here: Funckydesigns Redbubble

Ok, now onto some really important matters…

Do you eat the ice cream out of your Drumstick ice cream treat first and then eat the cone? Or do you eat everything at the same time (ice cream and cone together)? We are dying to know the answer, so check out our facebook tribe page and answer our poll. Please tell me you’ve joined our Tribe page! If not, please stop waiting, because we are dying to meet you! You can check it out here: 3 Book Girls Tribe

What about your chili? Beans? Or no beans? We just have got to know!

Now, I honestly still don’t understand this bizarre invention, but we talked about the darn thing at length, so it feels only fair that I show you the ‘A salt’ rifle.

I still think this thing would work better:

Somehow we managed to talk about books too:

Vonnie’s book

Rachael’s book

Keathe’s book (Available September 21st, but can be pre-ordered now)

Martha’s book

Ok, are you ready for one of the just most frightening things I’ve ever found on Amazon.com? Are you sure you’re ready? Ok, you asked for it:

That’s definitely the kind of bunny needed to scare off the predators!

Well, that does it for another crazy podcast! Have an amazing week, my bookish friends, and good reading to you all!