Podcast Notes – Episode 302

Hello again, bookish friends! Hope everyone has been having a great week. This week we were talking about that wonderful time of year that comes every July. Yep, we were talking about all the stuff we are looking to get great deals on during Prime Day.

Some of Martha’s favorite things she has ever bought from Amazon are:

and on Martha’s wishlist? It’s this baby:

Voni loves this garlic press (It’s made out of plastic removed from the ocean!)

and items on Voni’s wishlist look like this:

and here is a look at the air freshener necklaces we talked about too:

Magen even bought formal dresses from Amazon! Like this one:

I know I’ll be looking for deals on books. Like these ones that we reviewed this week:

Voni’s book

Keathe’s book

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

Whew! That was a lot of stuff. Well, we hope that whether you splurge on books or cookware or nothing at all, that you have a great next week full of reading and relaxation. Until next week, bookish friends!

Podcast Notes – Episode 301

Hello again bookish friends! Hope everybody is having an amazing week, and getting lots of free time to do fun summer-ish things (like reading). This week the gang is all back together! All five of us were on the podcast this week, and our time traveling has come to an end (phew).

This week we have reviews that give a nod to Pride month, and to Juneteenth.

We also talked copious amounts of alcohol. I learned many things, like the fact that I might need to try a lavendar lemonade:


You can find a recipe for it here: Lavendar Lemonade Recipe

We also learned that I will not be drinking this favorite of Magen’s:

And you can find the recipe for this one here: Captain America drink

We talked books too…

Voni’s book

Keathe’s book

Pat’s book

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

And that’s it for this week, bookish friends. Here’s wishing you a good week, and good reading! See you next week.

Podcast Notes – Episode 300

Hello again bookish friends. It’s a big milestone, episode 300! In true 3 Book Girls fashion, we missed it. With all the time travel and vacations and everything, we kept forgetting. We celebrated in another way by having two of our tribe members on the podcast to talk books! Yay for our pals Rachael and Shona!!!!

Here are the books we reviewed this week:

Voni’s book

Rachael’s book

Shona’s book

Martha’s book

That’s a wrap for this week bookish friends. Hope your summer is starting out to be a good one, and we’ll see you next time.

Podcast Notes – Episode 299

Hello again bookish friends! We started out on a somber note, talking about Roe v Wade. Martha and Voni are marching this weekend, so anybody with bail money, please stay tuned. 😉 Here are the t-shirts they got for the occasion:

What do you know? We talked about books as well as the important stuff:

Voni’s book

Keathe’s book

Pat’s book

Martha’s book

Another week, another batch of reviews! Hope you are all having a wonderful start to your summer, and that you have some great vacations coming up with lots of chances to get in your reading! We’ll see you next week, my bookish friends!

Podcast Notes – Episode 298

Hello again my bookish friends, and Happy Memorial Day! Hope everybody has been enjoying their weekend, and getting in lots of reading. We have an extra special treat on this week’s podcast: we have a new author, Ron Richard, joining us! He’ll be reviewing a book, while our fearless leader, Martha, will be reviewing Ron’d book.

First, we obviously had our usual inappropriate conversations. Those don’t stop even when we have a guest! So let’s get right into it: Did you know that May is masturbation month??? How is it we only found out at the very end of the month? Bummer, we could’ve made jokes about this for five episodes, so now we’ve only got one to make it count. Here is yet another link to Martha’s true blue friend:

And here is a picture of where the charging cable goes:

we had debates about how to charge this sucker

We talked about the VW Quantum too (I don’t even know how we got to talking about it), but for those like me that have no idea what it looks like, here is a picture:

I know what you’re thinking. This thing is a total chick magnet!

And to round out a totally interesting episode, here are a couple of really fun merkins you can purchase if you are so inclined:


Ok, that’s probably enough to make you go ‘hmmm’ for this week. Maybe we should talk about some books?

Voni’s book

Keathe’s book

Ron’s book

Martha’s book

If you tried to check out the live show on Saturday, you know that we had a few technical difficulties. But never fear! You’ll be able to hear the live podcast when it goes up on 6/20!

Hope everybody has an amazing week full of relaxation and all the reading you can stand! We will see you here next week, bookish friends!