Podcast Notes – Episode 296

Hello again my bookish friends, and welcome to yet another crazy week of reading and mayhem! Hopefully you were all able to indulge in a book or two, and if not, maybe you’ll get some inspiration from listening to what we all read this week.

We had quite an interesting chat about catching fruit flies this week. If you’re interested in purchasing a fruit fly catcher, the one we talked about can be found here:

I know, it is seriously fancy! Way cooler than me putting a dish out with dishsoap and apple cider vinegar!

And once again those ever popular scent beads came up. If you need to mask the smell of a dead body (or all those dead fruit flies you’ll have), you can find the beads here:

And who among us doesn’t need a Harry Potter House sorting candle??? I know I do! Obviously I already know my house (Hufflepuff), but sorting candles still sound like fun. you can grab yours here:

For those of you who already know your house, here are some super cool candles in all the houses too. Obviously we know that Hufflepuff is the best one…

What do you know? We talked about books too!

Voni’s book

Pat’s book

Magen’s book

and since you know you’re going to want to pre-order the next book in the series:

Martha’s book

And there you have it. Yet another podcast done as we get closer and closer to out next live show. Hope we’ll be able to see you there! Have a great reading week, bookish friends!

Podcast Notes – Episode 295

Hello fellow bookish friends! Hope you are all having a great week!

We have another live show upcoming at Full Circle Bookstore! If you’re in the area, come on by!

The girls had some discussions about what their favorite swear word is (and we made up a couple too). Do you have a favorite that you use over and over? Is there one that you save for special occasions because it is just that amazing? Come on over to our facebook group: Facebook Tribe page, and let us know your favorite swear word!

I refuse to believe that Nessie is actually a whale penis.

We somehow managed to talk about books too!

Voni’s book

Keathe’s book

Pat’s book

Martha’s book

And that’s it for this week! Hope you all have an amazing reading week, bookish friends, and we will see you here next time!

Podcast Notes – Episode 294

Hello again bookish friends! So this week, we talked a lot about our furry friends. All the book girls had opinions about what is too much for our fur babies. We have a poll on our Facebook Tribe page asking about where you sit on the pet sweater debate, so make sure you check it out!

Here is the picture of the unfortunate dog sweater the ladies were talking about:

This is the TikTok that Magen was talking about with the sad cat that doesn’t want his nails clipped:

We also want to give a huge Congratulations to our former book girl, Jessica, who got married!!! Yay, Jessica!!

We talked about books too!

Voni’s book

Pat’s book

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

And that’s all for this week, bookish friends! Hope you guys have a great week, and we will see you all next time!

Podcast Notes – Episode 293

Hello again, bookish friends! Once again, we have an amazing guest host for you this week! This time we will be entertaining Fara (we had her sister, Phyllis on last time).

This is where the magic happens!

I honestly can’t remember why we kept talking about this weird meme that Voni and Martha love, but this is what we kept laughing about:

And for all you who are wondering about what on Earth ‘doves in a cage’ are, here is a picture of their amazingness:

They are delicious.

We talked about books too 😉

Voni’s book

Keathe’s book

Fara’s book

Martha’s book

That is going to be a wrap for this week, bookish friends! As always, we wish you a great week, with lots of good reading 🙂

Podcast Notes – Episode 292

Hello again bookish friends! We have a super special epsiode for you today!! Lately we have been recording our episodes almost exclusively over Zoom, but this and our next episode were all recorded with us all in person (In Martha’s recording studio). Plus, we had a guest on each episode! Today’s episode features one of our Patreon members: Phyllis!

First thing we had to talk about was the new season of Bridgerton on Netflix. Have you read the books? Have you watched the series? Magen and Phyliis have watched season two already and had some choice words about the newest male specimen for our viewing pleasure. Sadly, he plays for the other team (isn’t that always how it goes?). This TikTok sums up our views about it pretty perfectly:

We were still getting over April Fool’s Day shenanigans that scared the bejeezus out of us the day before. Especially this announcement that Tom Holland would be taking over the rold of Doctor Who (because many of us are giant nerds and care about that sort of thing).

Scary April Fool’s Day article

I like him as Spiderman, not so much as Doctor Who.

Phyllis freaked us out by telling us that brussel sprouts gelato exists, and now we are rethinking our entire existence…

brussel sprouts gelato????? Ew!

We actually read some books this week too!

Keathe’s book

Phyllis’ book

and here is a picture of the weird stork headed guy:

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

For those wondering about the Buzzfeed article we were discussing, you can read it here:

What Used to Mean you were Rich but Now Means you are Poor

And that’s it for us this week. Hope that we will see you guys next week, and that you have an amazing book reading week, bookish friends!