Podcast Notes – Episode 272

Hello again bookish friends! Hopefully everyone has had another good reading week, and is getting lots of good rest time along with all of the craziness of preparing for the holiday season. For those of you still shopping for gifts, we have you covered with some of these suggestions. As always, if you click on the photo, it will take you to Amazon.com, where any purchases you make will help to support our podcast πŸ™‚

Seriously why are there so many strange Nic Cage themed gifts?

We also talked about the way that we read books. We all love using audible for audiobooks, and you can give gift subscriptions to the service in 1,3,6, and 12 month increments. It’s a great gift for a friend (or even for yourself!)

Audible Gift Memberships

Many of the books that we review can be read for free on the Kindle app, if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription (last week, three of the books reviewed were available on KU). Gift memberships are available to this service as well. You can pay per month for $9.99 a month, or you can purchase the subscription in 6, 12 and 24 month increments for a big discount:

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Along with gift ideas, we also talked about stuff that was a bit of a bummer, like the news of the new Omicron variant of the Covid virus. This is the TikTok video Magen was talking about:


Seven Countries with travel restrictions listed in comments #omicron #breakingnews #worldnews #latimes

♬ original sound – latimes

Another really disturbing bit of news came from Martha, when she told us about this strange new bikini that may soon be sweeping the nation:

those hedgehogs didn’t deserve this fate.

Ok, ok. We talked about books, too.

Magen’s book

Keathe’s book

Martha’s book

That’s it for this week, book friends! Hopefully you’re well on your way to getting your shopping done, and will be able to find time to get a good book in as well. See you all next week!

Podcast Notes – Episode 271

Hello again, bookish friends! Hope everybody has had an amazing reading week. We had 5 of our Book Girls together this week to talk books, and to record some of our bonus content for our brand new Patron group. When there are more book girls, it only stands to reason that there are more shenanigans, so let’s get into some of them…

We have once again taken up the search for the ultimate gift giving guide for the folks that seem to have it all. We’ve been trying to find the strangest gifts that Amazon has to offer, and you can help support our podcast by purchasing them through our affiliate links (because honestly how can you resist some of these):

We also talked about Martha’s very favorite subject: TikTok. We found this gem where all of the different book genres argue with each other:

She’s pretty spot on.

We also reminisced about this happy lady from a few years ago who found a Chewbacca mask and enjoyed the crap out of it:


Omg y’all. Do you remember this lady! πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ #chewbaccamask #comedy #funny #support

♬ original sound – JiggyJ777
Chewbacca mask lady rules!

And in a surprising twist, we also talked about books!

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book

Rachael’s book

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

And that’ll about do it for this week. Hope you all have a wonderful week with your families (for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving) and that you find some time to read something amazing! See you next week, bookish friends!

Podcast Notes – Episode 270

Hey there bookish friends! Hope everybody had an amazing week, and is ready to talk books (and inappropriate craziness).

For anybody who isn’t familiar with the weird song Magen and Vonnie are singing at the beginning of our podcast this week, you can hear it here on TikTok. It is the new trend to pair videos with this song (who knows why!)

I’ve never understood the lyrics, what the heck?

We have an awesome new guest on today, Samantha and she made an amazing dress that we talked about on the podcast, for those of you that were curious, you can see it here:

Pretty amazing!

We talked about books too!

Vonnie’s book

Samantha’s book

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

There was quite a bit of discussion about Paul Rudd, the new sexiest man of the year.

He’s funny too!

And then the book girls and Samantha started talking about Tom Hiddleston and cats and all these photos started circling around…

Who is this guy? Is he famous? I’m confused.

Author’s note: I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t on this episode, so I’m just posting the pictures I’m told to post. I have no idea if this guy is famous or what? (Keathe)

And then there was all this hair flip stuff too? The things they get up to when I take the week off…

I don’t ask.

And that is gonna do it for this week, bookish friends! Hope you all have an amazing week, and see you next time!

Podcast Notes – Episode 269

Hello again, bookish friends! Hope you all had a great reading week. We are back from horror month and are reading our usual fare again. We had an extra special treat this week, as we had a guest on the podcast: Gwendolyn Lake (we call her Gwen) is a library processor in Oklahoma City, so she has a handle on the best and brightest that are coming into the library system! You’ve probably seen her on the Tribe page on Facebook, as she pops her hear in contribute her nuggets of wisdom fairly often. You are a member of our Facebook Tribe right? If not, you need to click on the link and come join us ASAP for fun, hijinx and amazing book talk! Facebook Tribe page

This week, we are trying to help you all with your holiday shopping, and what better way by linking to some of the most inappropriate bookish items we could find πŸ™‚ If you’ve got a jem of an item, please let us know! Here are some of our favorites (and if you buy them by clicking on the photo, we receive a portion of the proceeds to help fund the podcast!):

Phew! That was a lot of Amazon googling! We are going to keep searching Amazon for the strangest gift ideas, and we are thinking of having a contest with you guys as the judges! Who do you think will find the weirdest or most inappropriate gift idea on Amazon?

Oh wow! We managed to talk about books too!

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book

Gwen’s book

Martha’s book

And that’s it for us this week! Remember that you can hear all sorts of our bloopers and things that were too inapproriate even for the podcast on our new Patreon account! We’ve also got a discussion of Rock, Paper, Scissors by Alice Feeney that will be going up next week, featuring some of the book girls discussing the entire book (spoilers will occur so be warned). Hope you all have a great reading week, my bookish friends!

Podcast Notes – Episode 268

Hello again bookish friends! It’s our last week of horror week, and we have five of the book girls on the podcast today. Our book friend, Brandi, showed us the most amazing t-shirt that she got on Amazon, which made us go down the rabbit hole finding t-shirts. Here are the ones we discussed on the podcast:

We also talked about our brand new Patreon page! This is where you can listen to the stuff that was either too racy for the podcast, or cut because of time. We also will have exclusive content such as special episodes only available to our Patreon members. We’d love for you to check it out, and to consider supporting our podcast!

Become a Patron!

The debate about candy corn continues. Here is the cartoon Magen found:

I would read this book!

What do you know? We talked about books as well:

Vonnie’s book

Rachael’s book

Keathe’s book

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

We found Vonnie’s costume for next year, here is a picture of it:

And that’s it for this week, and for horror month! We’ll be back next week with some of our not so creepy reads. Have an amazing reading week, bookish friends!