All Masked Up With No Place To Go

It’s been another great couple of weeks social distancing and cyber drinking. Who knew web cams could be used for more than long distance one night stands!! Our Friday night virtual book club is going strong.  Thanks to everyone who joined in.  For anyone who would like to participate the details can be found on our face book group page 3 Book Girls Book Tribe . Now for your entertainment here are some of your book girls sporting the latest fashion.  Feel free to send us your pics.

Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Social Distancing continues in our new studio setting.  I’m pretty sure that Martha will have full hazmat suits for us by next week.  Friday’s Zoom books & drinks discussion was great fun.  Thanks to all who joined. We are planning on a Saturday afternoon session soon for our listeners in different time zones.  Watch our social media for an excuse to day drink.  Thanks to all our listeners and stay safe.


It was another busy week in 3 book girl land. We took a break from our search for the elusive tp and recorded a fun filled (and slightly inappropriate) podcast. Don’t worry, we practiced social distancing while recording. We also are trying a new way to talk books. Friday at 7pm join our 3 Book Girl Tribe Zoom conversation. Remember, its not drinking alone if you’re part of a video chat!!



We are sad to announce that we are canceling our live event for March 28th. May we suggest some great virus based apocalyptic reads such as The Girl With all the Gifts by MR Carey, or The Stand by Stephen King?  We still plan on recording our podcast as normal so you will have something to laugh at as you lay on your mattress of toilet paper eating Ramon Noodles and cereal. ( This is based on the empty shelves I experienced last night).