Podcast Notes – Episode 239

Hello again, friends! This week we talked about how much we love our monthly book box memberships through Cratejoy. We are working on becoming an affiliate for Cratejoy as we speak, so look for future links to use to buy happy book goodness delivered to your home each month, and support our podcast!

We are also super excited about our upcoming trip to Denver in August. Still working out all the details, but if you want to start shopping for your 3 Book Girls gear, check out our Redbubble merchandise (every purchase helps to support the podcast):


Bet you’re wondering about the books we’ve read this week…

Vonnie’s book

Rachael’s book

Keathe’s book

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

Now, not sure if you noticed, but three of these books were romantic in nature. But don’t worry, Martha is ok! 😉

Podcast Notes – Episode 238

Wow. There is a lot to cover this week. First, if you’re wondering about the TikTok that Keathe has stuck in her head, it is this one:



♬ original sound – claybaby

It’s just such a catchy little song!

We also were talking about this Scary Mommy article:

This Cult Vibrator Has Returned With Even More Intense Features — And The Reviews Are Bonkers

If you are looking to have the vibrator that all those ladies were raving about, you can purchase it here (and support the podcast while you do it):

It comes in rose-red, purple, and teal! (Magen was not blushing at all while we discussed this topic by the way) 😉

But now on to the books!

Vonnie’s book:

Keathe’s book:

Magen’s book:

Martha’s book:

We are super excited to be Amazon Associates now, so if you’d like to purchase one of this week’s books, please consider shopping through our affiliate links, and support our podcast!

Hope you all have an amazing week!

Podcast Notes – Epsiode 237

This week we went on a few self-discovery journeys, we re-visited a bunch of our favorite classic literature characters from London, AND we made Jessica blush! (Because that’s how we roll.)

Just for informational purposes, here is the proof about our dental discussion:


I had my dental cleaning today, and my dentist didn’t say anything. 😉

We now have amazon affiliate links to the books we’ve reveiwed. If you’d like to help support the podcast, we’d love it! Here are the books, the ladies reviewed this week:

Vonnie’s Book This Week

Jessica’s Book This Week

Keathe’s Book This Week

Martha’s Book This Week

Podcast Notes – Episode 236

Hey guys! We talked about that interview with Martha’s book author – Ron Franscell on the podcast this week. We have his interview right here (and you can find his and other author’s we’ve interviewed on the Authors link on the website as well!

3 Book Girls is excited to announce that we are now a part of the Amazon Affiliate program. If you’d like to help contribute to our podcast, consider purchasing one of the books we’ve reviewed through our affiliate link! Here are the books we reviewed this week:

Freaking Groundhog

Rodent or Warlock? Which ever it is there is no question that winter is not giving up anytime soon. Have no fear, we know a great way to pass the time under the mound of blankets you are currently underneath. No not that, perv!! It’s a great time to catch up with your favorite book girls. We have some excellent buddy reads and we always have fun on our Friday night zoom call. so put on another pair of socks and cozy up with 3bookgirls. Whether it’s our new YouTube page or laughing along with our latest episodes you are bound to feel the warmth (hopefully it’s not because you just peed a little).