Podcast Notes – Episode 254

Hello bookish friends, and welcome to another great week of reading, and the inappropriate conversations that make us who we are!

We had Jaime Shetrone on the podcast this week! She is a longtime member of the 3 Book Girls Tribe (have you joined us yet, you can do so here: 3 Book Girls Tribe) and she has been our latest list keeper on the Friday night Zoom chat which we link to every week from the 3 Book Girls Tribe facebook page. It was Jaime’s first time on our podcast, so hopefully we didn’t scare her too much…

We discusses some pretty bad smelling things, including the decomposing turtle smell (the scale on which Keathe bases all bad smells now). Here is a picture of Ziggy the turtle (warning, he was super cute!)

Vonnie says that to get rid of all nasty smells, we really need to purchase these:

We aren’t sure exactly what she has in her closet (dead turtles?) but this will get rid of that smell.

Oh, and if you can’t quite picture the incredibly strange Bigfoot slide that we were all talking about this week, here is a picture of the sheer insanity of it all:

I don’t have words for that, so we’ll move along…

to another strange picture of stuff we talked about. Have you ever seen a Proboscus Monkey? I hadn’t, but now I know just a little bit more than I’ve ever wanted to about nature:

And no, Martha’s nose doesn’t really look like that. (Thank goodness!)

What do you know? We talked a little about books too:

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book

Jaime’s book

Martha’s book

Martha’s book has already been optioned for a movie starring Amy Adams!

If you want to buy Vonnie’s laser hair remover and tell us if it works (since Vonnie still hasn’t tried hers) you can get it by clicking here:

and for those of you dying to know, this is what a rooster penis cozy looks like:

Look out for that beak!!!!!!

For everyone who wants to know where Martha got those awesome masks she posted oin Facebook, you can purchase them here:

And that is going to do it for this week, fellow bookish friends. Hope you have an amazing week of reading ahead!

Podcast Notes – Episode 253

Hello bookish friends! We’re coming close to the live podcast date! Who wants to come join us in Denver for the weekend to be a part of the podcast, and to hang with us while we do bookish things? We’d love to meet lots of our book girls! Here is the hotel info if you’d like to join us:

Hotel block

If you are a Denver native or just know the area well, please give us some ideas of the ‘must see’ stuff your city has. Let us know on the 3 Book Girls Tribe page on facebook, or comment on this post!

As promised, here is a link to the boyshort undies on Amazon.com (and it is an affiliate link):

And here is the Chub Rub glide on stuff too!

We talked books this week too!

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

And for those of you still wondering about the word yeet, check out this link:


That’s it for this week bookish friends! Hope you all have an amazing reading week!

Podcast Notes – Episode 252

Hello again bookish friends! This week we had so many interesting discussions (and we may have talked about books as well).

We started out on a special note with the four of us all trying the awesome teas that Plum Deluxe Teas sent us. Magen had chocolate tea! Chocolate tea! Does it sound like Plum Deluxe knows all about us? They sure did! The teas were crazy amazing, and they had the most fun names and blends, guys. Thanks SO much to the folks at Plum Deluxe Teas for sending us an assortment of teas to try on the podcast! You’ve got to check them out because they are fantastic and we desperately want to be their new best friends!

Plum Deluxe Teas

These teas are looseleaf teas, so you’ll need something to steep them in. If you’re like Keathe, you’ll be wanting this amazing dino tea strainer:

We talked about this article about 15 things people can’t live without in a pandemic too:

15 Things

What are some of the things you’ve learned that you can’t live without in a pandemic? Let us know in the comments below, or come over to the Tribe Facebook Page and comment on our post!

Now, we also watched a very popular moment in new television history that I unfortunately can’t link here. BUT, if you have Netflix, check out Episode 3 of Sex/Life. The moment we were talking about come at 19 minutes and 50 seconds. Please let us know your thoughts? Prosthesis or no for this guy? I mean, come on right?!?!?

Here is Jon Hamm for a comparison (sorry, he has clothing on):

Ok, ok. You know we talked about books too 😉

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

That was our reading week guys! Hope you all have a great one, and Happy reading, bookish friends!

Podcast 251

Hello bookish friends! Hope you had another wonderful reading week!

We were talking catchphrases this week. Ever notice how all the really cool podcasts have a catchphrase? Made us wonder… Do we have any sweet catchphrases? Stuff we say often and don’t realize it? If you have ideas, comment below or post over at the Facebook 3 Book Girls Tribe page. (You are a member, right? If not, you’ve got to come join us, because we desperately want to meet you! Join us here: Tribe page)

You know we’re all wanting to meet you in Denver at the live podcast August 14th 2-4. Come hang out with the Book Girls and all the Tribe and meet your bookish friends! If you’re from out of the area, we’ve got you covered. Here is the link for our block of rooms:

3 Book Girls Hotel

Martha has a super duper map of where all our bookish friends are located. She has stars at each spot. Do we have a star at your spot yet? If not, let us know in the comments or on our facebook page, so we can add you!

We read books too 😉

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

A huge thanks to you guys that have been clicking on our affiliate links, and purchasing on Amazon. We really appreciate you supporting the podcast!

And thanks to all of our bookish friends for listening to our podcast. We couldn’t do this without you! Have an amazing reading week, bookish friends!

Episode 250

Hello bookish friends! Welcome to episode 250! Phew, that’s a lot of awesome books 😉

This week, we discussed the ever popular subject of personal grooming. Keathe has way too many razors in her shower (Mr Keathe is confused by why she needs that many), but have you seen all the hype about this new bikini line razor?

It has an entire line of serums, lotions, and creams that go with it too!

Keathe learned from the oh-so-awesome Google, that actors in the porn industry and sex workers prefer this razor:

It is battery operated on one end with an electric razor and then has the regular blade on the other end. (Keathe has both of these)

Hey! Remember our conversation about pineapples being a welcome symbol for the swinging community? Apparently, that only applies to upside down pineapples, it is a little code. So you’d want a shirt like this: (which is actually called a ‘swingers’ shirt on Amazon)

For anyone who is wondering who the ‘Cassandra’ is that we were talking about on the podcast, she is a character from Dr Who and she looks like this:

She always needs to be moisturized. It’s strange. But that’s who we are 😉

As always, we also read books:

Vonnie’s book

Keathe’s book

Magen’s book

Martha’s book

For those who were wondering about the Screaming Yellow Zonkers we talked about in Martha’s book. they looked like this:

Do any of you remember these treats? If you do let us know! Join us over on our facebook group and find more bookish friends and bookish conversations. All you need to do is ask to be a part here:

3 Book Girls Tribe

We would love to have you!

That’s it for this time. Have a wonderful week bookish friends!